CyberTech 19: top decision-makers and government officials will gather in Rome for one of the industry’s foremost B2B networking platforms for the year

Spazio-News Magazine will be media partner of Cybertech Europe 2019, to be held at La Nuvola Convention Center in Rome on September 24-25.

Spazio-News, a privileged observer, interviewed Amir Rapaport, founder of Cybertech in order to understand how the world of Cyber changes and which technological challenges, civil and military, will be faced.

Amir Rapaport, founder of Cybertech Europe , how did Cybertech come about and how are you preparing for the Italian edition?

Cybertech started in 2014 in Tel-Aviv. It is one of the largest cyber security events outside of the US. Since 2015, we’ve organized events all over the world, Europe, Tokyo, the United States, Singapore, and more. We’ve grown into global events.

We’ve organized successful events in North America, South America and Asia. This upcoming year we are looking forward to expanding to Africa in Rwanda in 2020. 

Why the event is important and what should we expect for this edition?

Cyber security is top of mind for everyone in Europe, from governmental  institutions to industries like finance where there are great amounts of sensitive data.  Cybertech will serve as a forum for dialogue on all of the latests cyber security issues. Experts agree that 2019 will be the year of e-crime, with attacks not only growing in frequency, but becoming increasingly personal as well as increasingly silent. Today, everything is digital.  Everyone is affected by cyber, on a personal and business level. Our goal is to spread awareness. 

The technology is definitely a crucial factor to enforce the Cyber security, what are the solutions presented by companies?

Of the many exhibitors at Cybertech Europe, attendees can visit the FireEye booth to learn more about their unique innovation cycle that combines technology with expertise to continuously improve solutions at a speed and sophistication unmatched in the industry.

How about new geo-political scenarios and how Cybertech 2019 can support the development of new technologies?

The question really strikes at the core of what Cybertech is all about, a platform to explore new technologies and to discuss global threats and counter solutions.

At the end of the day, all threats are global in nature, a cybersecurity issue for an SMB in Italy is a problem at the European level and at the global level, as well. For example, cybercrime is rarely local. Cybertech will be the place to discuss these cross-border issues, to consult with experts and explore new, innovative technologies countering these threats. 

Finally, could you please provide us an advice for who plans to attend this event?

Everyone from C-level top corporate executives to government leaders, heads of state, NATO and EU representatives will be at Cybertech Europe. Some of the themes of the conference will be: Strategic Autonomy in the Cyber Era, Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions, Women in Cyber, Sessions dedicated to cyber in the EU and more. 

Cybertech Europe will be divided into two main parts, an exhibition and the conference.

ADV - CyberTech Europe 2019 - Spazio-News Magazine__BANNER_II_300x250The event will provide an opportunity for attendees and participants to enjoy the presence of public and private leaders from the world of cyber, as well as a startup pavilion, and B2B meeting area, along with a conference that includes the most trending topics in the field of cyber and innovation.

From Rome to Tel Aviv, to Tokyo, Singapore, Panama, and more, Cybertech’s conferences and exhibitions serve as the go-to place to learn all about the latest technological innovations, threats, and solutions, reating business opportunities across borders.

For more information on  Cybertech Europe 19  and to register for the event, please visit: http://italy.cybertechconference.com

Federico Cabassi