Approved and endorsed by the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Public Security, the Department of Equipment & Logistics of the Ministry of Public Security, General Corporation of Economic and Technical Industry of the Ministry of National Defense, EIFEC Co. Ltd and EXPO SERVICES Pte Ltd will hold the International Exhibition and Conference on Defense and Security Expo Vietnam 2019 – DSE Vietnam 2019 from 2-4 October 2019 at Hanoi International Exhibition Center, 91 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi City.

For the Ministry of National Defense, DSE Vietnam exhibits and seminars are said to be an activity in line with its policy of gradually modernizing the armed forces and strengthening their defense potential to maintain a military strength at a level necessary to ensure the defense and combat readiness of the defense forces.

It includes a policy of expanding foreign relations and defense cooperation with other countries and participating more actively in defense cooperation activities at the regional and international levels.

At the same time, the Event will also be a good opportunity for cadres and soldiers of the People’s Army to directly learn and update themselves on the most advanced equipment and technologies available at the Exhibition as part of their continuing education and professional training to improve their combat readiness.

In addition, it is also an opportunity for the Ministry’s defense manufacturing enterprises to work and receive the transfer of repair and replacement technology and new production of defense components and products from leading defense manufacturers and experts at the Exhibition. With the co-organization of the Department of Equipment and Logistics of the Ministry of Public Security and its partners, the program will contribute in promoting Vietnam’s defense and security image and status in the international community.

The Ministry of Public Security anticipates the world will continue to have profound changes in the coming years, with many unpredictable factors impacting on the security and development of nations, including Vietnam.

Economic globalization creates opportunities but also generates many potential factors and challenges, requiring Vietnam to pay more attention to security and territorial sovereignty issues. In addition, the development of technology to narrow the geographical gap through cyberspace also causes forces to cope with the challenge of non-traditional security threats such as trade, synthetic drugs, human trafficking, environmental security, terrorism risks and insecurity in network information.

In this regard, the demand for equipping and upgrading modern and specialized civil security systems in Vietnam is increasing.

Increased demand is accompanied by advances in science, technology, equipment, weapons and tools to support continuous improvement and development.

The creation of events like DSE Vietnam will be the foundation for Security and Police units to update on the development trends and catch up with the most advanced technologies from countries around the world.

The event also offers international security suppliers and manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their outstanding technologies, equipment, combat vehicles and their optimal solutions for security and territorial protection in the Vietnam market.

As a co-organizer of DSE Vietnam, the Defense Industry & General Economic Technical Corporation – GAET of the Ministry of National Defense operating in the main areas of import and export of industrial explosives, military trade, receiving technology transfer and foreign defense, aims to strengthen cooperative relationships with long-term partners, expand markets and seek new partners in the field of security and defense in the world, and perform the task of developing military trade and defense foreign affairs.

The Corporation expects DSE Vietnam to be a regular activity that contributes to promoting Vietnam’s manufactured industrial products to foreign partners, thus seeking export opportunities, enhancing the prestige of military enterprises and at the same time create opportunities for managing agencies, military enterprises, research units to learn and grasp advanced technologies in the international defense industry.

The world has since expanded international cooperation in defense.

On the scale of 5,000sqm, the exhibition is expected to attract about 200 brands, seven national pavilions namely: Russian Federation, Ukraine, United States, France, Singapore, India and Israel along with two Zone booths from Ministry of National Defense and Ministry of Public Security.

It is expected to attract a number of specialized visitors estimated at 5,000 people. Up to now, the Organization Board has received confirmed requests from many big corporations in the world such as Rosoboronexport, Techmash, NIIPH, UVZ, Ukspecexport, Lockheed Martin, Airbus, MBDA, Brahmos, IAI, AutoGyro, Starks Motors, Kamaz, Uaz, Arsenal, WB Electronics, TRD, Raytheon, Qioptiq, SCS Technologies and Precision Technologies.

Alongside the exhibition, there will be networking activities where suppliers in attendance can meet up with the VIPs from supporting agencies, managers, military, police enterprises and research units at their stands. In addition, we have developed a comprehensive Symposium that takes place on 3 & 4 October with a series of topics on capacity build up and combat readiness for the security and defense forces.

The exhibition will take place during 2-4 October 2019 from 09:00-17:00 daily at the International Centre for Exhibition (I.C.E) on 91 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hanoi, Vietnam.